Choose Your Self

In response to the first review on What the Flick  it’s been difficult to digest: Trainspotting 2 (see below)



(best read in Ewan McGregor’s accent)

Choose life.

Choose hair growth.

Choose going braless and running down hills.

Choose spending your hard-earned cash on learning, experience and travel.

Choose wearing your face just as it is.

Choose life’s wrinkles, blemishes and warrior scars.

Choose not to be a Topshop Princess.

Choose nature’s hanging breasts.

Choose to paint words, not lips.

 Choose soul extensions.

Choose rolls: sushi, spring and body.

Choose not to be a filter.

Choose looking in the mirror and not seeing the world behind you, gazing on.

Choose ideas, emotions and visionary thoughts.

Choose to be abstract in a world of concrete booty.

Choose pleasure.

Choose running through city streets under glorious spotlights through mysterious shadows.

 Choose kissing, hugging, clapping or back slapping.

 Choose personality.

Choose The Bechdel Test.

 Choose Isabelle Huppert and Mia Hansen-Love.

 Choose re-writing history, films, songs and books with the voices of women.

Choose Wollstonecraft’s vision and convoluted realism.

 Choose women’s rugby.

 Choose not to shrug.

Choose holding up the other half of the sky.

 Choose singing aloud everywhere.

 No, everywhere.

Choose moments.

Choose walking tall regardless of your heels, your skirt length or your job title.

Chose clothes that don’t shape you because you’re a multi-faceted organisation.

Choose platforms with a view.

 Choose your own perspective.

 Choose light.

 Choose no.

 Choose trying everything in a wild ferocious fashion.

 Choose self-knowledge and filling the void.

Choose not covering it up day after day with whatever’s thrown your way by idols chosen by people who imagine you in gilded cages.

Choose not to be consumed as you consume.

Choose production.

Choose your nature.

 Choose seeing everything and looking for nothing.

Choose to be.

Choose your Self.


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