The Motherhood Choice

In 2015, I started to seriously research and investigate my own feelings about whether I wanted to be a mother. Narratives everywhere were telling me I’d worked too hard on my career and my body; that feminists everywhere had sacrificed so much to save me from such tolls: I should undoubtedly embrace the child-free lifestyle. However, coming from a family of five headed by perhaps the most maternal mother earth has ever created, I couldn’t possibly decide without committing to at least a year’s worth of soul-searching.

I was frequently frustrated at the lack of objective support out there. Many who are passionate on the subject have taken a firm stance on either side of the fence, and I felt I I was left hanging in the middle, understanding everybody’s motives and joys, but not quite knowing where I fit in.

I set up The Motherhood Choice to create a home for women where we can share our experiences and learn from each other.If you would like to contribute to the website or channel, please contact me. I look forward to hearing your stories and thoughts, whether you’re child-free, a mum, or just as undecided as I once was.

We’re so lucky we get to have this choice; but I really believe that we need to fight politically, socially and culturally to ensure it’s a ‘free’ one.

You can get a fuller idea of how speaking to other women changed the direction of this project on my YouTube channel.

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