The Fatherhood Choice

Father’s Day Fables


One day, an adventurous man turned up at the airport with his wife and two children. Utilising his job as an employee for a world-leading airliner, he had booked four standby tickets to Florida for a winter break. Sadly, as a result of relaxed rules about taking children on holidays during term time, many of the flights were full and the only way they could get there was to split up. Read More


The Accidental Child-Free Man


Declan Fitzsimons is my hero. His piece in The Guardian this Saturday was a fresh voice in the world of being child-free. It made it a male thing as well as a female thing; it countered the prevailing notion that men aren’t interested in children; that not having children when you inherently want them is not just a woman’s issue. READ MORE


Fathers on Film


Travelling to Malaysia and back requires 2×6 + 2×7 hours of plane journeys. That’s a lot of reading, thinking or film watching. On night flights, it’s always a lot of film watching. On the final leg I’d already merrily enjoyed the very British The Lady in the Van, fell in love with relationships in all their ugly glory in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (cue Clementine ringing in my head for the entire holiday), decided I was going to live anywhere in Europe but the UK after watching Where to Invade Next and gotten through an hour of Our Kind of Traitor before giving up and being instead captivated by Rooney and Blanchet in Carol.

And so in all my wisdom, I decided to pass the final flight time by setting up a Fathers and Daughters v Mothers and Daughters super-challenge. It was either that or re-watch Mothers’ Day READ MORE