Women in Hollywood

Mothers in Game of Thrones







Good Moms: Bad Dads



‘Oh I don’t have any friends,’ bad mom Kristen Bell says. Christina Applegate creates a bake sale police force. Kathryn Hayn teaches us how to handle an uncut one using a hooded jacket wrapped around Kristen Bell’s face. And so it begins…Bad Moms in the cinema on a Tuesday night. Read More.



Age, Marriage and Children in What Alice Forgot

I don’t usually read books that have love hearts on the front cover but you can’t argue with your book club. At least I could make the most of the dying embers of my Amazon Prime free trial and got it in time to pack it ready for my 5 day-escape in a Thai resort. I’ve decided I’m over hostels. I wish I’d gotten over them sooner.

I’d finished it by day 2, and, as is usually the way with something I’ve devoured without mercy, it stayed with me even when I wasn’t reading it; shaping my ideas and thoughts in that intense way only 30 degree sunshine and a scorched burnt body can inspire. READ MORE



Mother’s Day: The Review

My live reaction to this truly remarkable, seriously life-changing, mind-blowing… film.

Can an all-star cast evoke some deep philosophical thinking about motherhood? My marathon through ‘Mother’s Day’: 


So far the highlight has been a large bubble-wrapped womb in a garage.READ MORE